• Who are we?

NEET was registered as a company limited by guarantee and as a charity in 2006/7. Company registration no. 5672008 – -Charity registration no. 1117620

NEET enables people with a learning disability to lead an inclusive and fulfilling quality of life.

NEET’s purposes are for the public benefit to advance the education and promote the growth and welfare of people with learning disabilities in order to lead an inclusive and fulfilling life. We will do this in particular but not exclusively by:

a) advancing education in horticulture, cookery, woodwork and other related activities in a working environment

b) advancing education to develop physical, intellectual, emotional and social capacities

c) developing the potential of beneficiaries to participate more fully in society

d) working with, and as part of, the community in order to further these purposes and increase connectivity.

NEET has a holistic approach and is unique as a working garden nursery providing choice within a range of horticulture related activities.

  • What do we do?

NEET delivers learning opportunities, work placements and practical occupation within a community-based enterprise at Northcliffe Nurseries.

NEET provides facilities and resources that promote physical, social, and emotional growth, with the aim of increasing well-being and enabling new opportunities.

We aim to maintain a staff to a service user ratio of 1:4. This ratio ensures good activity support and promotes opportunities for developing sustainable, strong, trusting relationships.

Support people with a range of moderate learning disabilities some of whom may also have other complex needs.

  • What do we offer?

A 5 day per week service, a day being from 9.00 – 4.00pm. The day includes lunchtime supervision and support. Arrival and departure times can be flexible to suit people’s travel arrangements. Placements are based on full days.

· Skills development in Horticulture, Woodwork, Building and Construction, Retail Gardening, Cookery, Landscaping, Conservation, Health and Safety awareness.

· Off-site training in independent travel and travel solutions to get to NEET services (if appropriate)

· An excellent work ethic.

· Advocacy support to make choices and take responsibility within a team of peers.

· Personal goals that are relevant to individual strengths, needs and aspirations.

  • What is the application process?

All prospective service users are asked to book a visit to the site, discuss their skills, suitability, and eligibility, and meet the NEET team.

· If an application is to progress, we ask that a recent care plan/support assessment and proposal for funding a placement is shared

· Applicants can then book a free ‘Taster Session’ to have first-hand experience and make an informed decision about their placement.

· After this session, a formal application to NEET can be made.

To access any of NEET’s services you must:

· Be over 16 years old.

· Have a learning disability and have identified and assessed needs

· Demonstrate interest and willingness to participate in horticultural and related work-based activities.

· Be able to engage in activities with supervision in a group or have appropriate 1:1 support identified and in place.

· Be willing and able to work in a community setting that is open to the public.

  • What are the rates?

As of 2nd April 2023 the rates will be as follows:

Rates (Set by BMDC)7 hour day rate
Standard (1:4 staff ratio)£66.23
Enhanced (1:1 support)£107.96
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