Meet The Staff

Along with our amazing staff, we have a great group of volunteers & student placements who come to site & help with our work.

If you would like to know more about these opportunities, please get in touch.

Ian by the gate at NEET garden centre. NEET logo and holding a pebble

Ian – Operations Manager

Ian is one of the original team who set up NEET in 2006. Ian spends his time dealing with the day-to-day running of the site… it’s not uncommon to spend forever trying to track him down as he is always in 500 places at once!

Administrator in the office at NEET. NEET fleece on, smiling and happy

Caitlin – Administrator

Since starting in December, Cait has loved meeting all the team and getting to grips with all the office duties. From ordering uniform to creating bingo cards… she loves that no 2 days are ever the same!

Business manager, set up NEET in 2006. Outdoors and having fun at NEET

Suzanne – Business Manager

Suzanne is our business manager, helping to set NEET up in 2006. When she isn’t busy in the office dealing with the ‘behind the scenes’ working of the business, you will find Suze catching up with the team on site.

Chef Tutor at NEET. Dinner lady tabard, outdoor kitchen area

Richard – Chef Tutor

Richard is our Chef Tutor, creating the most amazing recipes with the team using our Fareshare produce. He loves to cook outdoors and helps us all to keep healthy using vegetables grown on site.

Outdoors with a team member from NEET. Dressed up for fundraising. In the woodland.

Janette – Specialist Support Worker

Janette is one of the most caring, funny and loving people you could meet. She is definitely a ‘jack of all trades’, whether it be woodwork, cooking, crafts or sorting out all the plants for the site… we would be lost without her helping & looking after us all!

In woodwork with a team member, making a birdbox.

Pete – Specialist Support Worker

Pete usually spends his time in the woodwork shop, helping the team build planters and birdboxes. However, Pete also leads our music group and the site is often serenaded with the sound of ‘baby shark’ on the saxophone.

Having fun, singing in the polytunnels with a team member

Jackie – Specialist Support Worker

Jackie is our social butterfly, keeping us all smiling and upbeat. She will turn her hand to anything, so if you don’t find her in the potting shed sorting out all the plants for the season, she is sure to be cooking up something cheese related in the kitchen!

Outside polytunnels with a team member, sunny day and smiling

Karl – Specialist Support Worker

Karl has been with NEET for about 5 years now, and he is loved by all the team. His fun, outgoing personality is infectious and he puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Although you will usually find him in woodwork or doing site maintenance, he also has a great time creating crafts with the team.

Outside polytunnel with building materials, laughing

Mick – Specialist Support Worker

Whether it is building work, re-doing the lining on the pond or maintaining areas of the site, Mick is our own personal ‘Bob the builder’! His hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and he has built great relationships with everyone in the short time he has been a member of staff.

In the NEET eats kitchen. Chef wearing his apron.

Dan – Specialist Support Worker

Joining in December, Dan is one of the newest members of staff. He has fitted in perfectly and we don’t know what we would do without him. When working with the team, they create recipes to make your mouth water.

Outdoors with team member. Hugging.

Rory – Specialist Support Worker

You will often find Rory in the woodwork area, helping the team to build everything from small planters to garden benches. His smiling, fun personality keeps everybody laughing all day and he has gained, not only trust, but a firm friendship with a lot of the team.

Phil – Welfare Support Worker

By cleaning the site every day, Phil has made sure we are all kept safe and well, especially during the pandemic. His friendly and funny personality can brighten up your morning.

Naomi – Specialist Tutor

Naomi comes to NEET and works with the team making amazing pieces of pottery. She owns and runs Jasmine Pottery Studios, coming to NEET to share her skills with the team.

In the green pod, making arts and crafts

Lola – Specialist Tutor

Lola works with the team at NEET producing some fantastic crafts. Over lockdown she produced videos which the team who were shielding at home could work along to.

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